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Re: Online services to contiguous research parts

Some thoughts on the matter:

1.  Will these research parks be using the university network and, thus,
have university IP ranges?  If so, then you might have to be proactive in
keeping the scientists out of the databases until you have resolution with
your vendors.  For example, you might have to tell all your vendors to
exclude certain subnets in your IP range.

2. If you can get the IPs excluded or the research parks aren't in the
campus domain, then you might need to provide some way for the scientists
who do have dual appointments (i.e., who are on the university payroll as
either faculty or researchers even if part time) to get access either via
scripted logon or a proxy server to which their university authorization
will allow access. Or you may have to manage individual accounts and
passwords for them (which I don't advocate because they will be shared and
the purpose of them will soon be negated).

3. You can always invoke the 'walk-in user' clause that would allow these
users to be served the same way you've always served print resources...
"come to the library to use them."  Not nearly as convenient but stays
within the license agreements.

4. I tend to agree with the respondents who recommend assisting the
companies involved in contacting the vendors to set up their own,
corporate accounts.  These companies are, usually, profit-making and many
vendors have entirely different units to market to them... with pricing
models completely different from those they use for academia.  In many
ways, it seems unfair to the vendors to ask that they apply the, sometimes
- we hope, price-reduced model that they've given us to corporations that
are only associated with universities by virtue of these collaborative

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