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Re: Online services to contiguous research parts

Although the symbiosis of business and "the academy" has been growing in
the last number of years, this- regardless if the business is directly
associated with the instititution- is an old ghost in a new and "sexier"
outfit. It is more of a problem now for new technology has made the
library more appealing and apparent to business.

Yes, businesses, be they associated or otherwise, can use print indexes,
journals etc. at no cost, just as our own students and faculty. But the
publisher factors in use when it establishes the institutional rate for

But it's sometimes a long and tedious trip to the library, so many firms
have developed their own resource centre, and budget it as a business
cost. The problem academic libraries have with cost recovery is twofold.
1. We don't really like cost recovery. It rubs our librarian souls the
wrong way; and 2. we charge the user and not the use. We charge businesses
for services our faculty, doing a similar contract, get for free. Our
buddies in business charge for use i.e. publishers have academic and
commerical rates, StatsCanada who administers the Data Liberation
Initiative(DLI) disallows commerical activity of the product regardless of
the user be it faculty or community.

So, perhaps should we.

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Subject: Re: Online services to contiguous research parts

The Research Park affiliated with the University of Western Ontario
regularly requests access to library resources, in particular, our
electronic resources. We do not have a good solution as some of our
faculty work both on campus and at/ or with researchers at the Research
Park.  I too am very interested in any models for serving them.

Lorraine Busby
Coordinator of Collections Management

> Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 17:37:03 -0600
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> From: Paula Watson <pdwatson@uiuc.edu>
> Subject: Online services to contiguous research parks
> Dear all:
> The University of Illinois is actively pursuing construction of two
> research parks, one near its south campus and one near its north campus.
> The subject of provision of library services to the companies that may be
> located in them has been raised.  Obviously, the service of most interest
> would be access to the databases to which the library subscribes (and in
> some form so that the Library could pass on any additional costs to the
> companies involved).   I can think of many reasons why this might be
> exceedingly difficult to negotiate and am wondering if anyone out there has
> encountered this situation and worked out some kind of a solution.  Thanks
> for any advice.
> Paula D. Watson
> Director, Electronic Information Services
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