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Re: Online services to contiguous research parts

You might check in with the Medical Library community if no one of that
ilk answers on this list.  Many have hospitals and affiliated hospital
networks to whom they provide services, and this question is a thorny one
for them too.  You are quite correct that it isn't easy to negotiate, but
one can sometimes be successful.  And then there are the other times,
where it is simply easier and maybe even cheaper for the outside
companies/hospitals to arrange access on their own behalf and not through
some affliated academic institution.

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>Subject: Online services to contiguous research parks
>Dear all:
>The University of Illinois is actively pursuing construction of two
>research parks, one near its south campus and one near its north campus.
>The subject of provision of library services to the companies that may be
>located in them has been raised.  Obviously, the service of most interest
>would be access to the databases to which the library subscribes (and in
>some form so that the Library could pass on any additional costs to the
>companies involved).   I can think of many reasons why this might be
>exceedingly difficult to negotiate and am wondering if anyone out there has
>encountered this situation and worked out some kind of a solution.  Thanks
>for any advice.
>Paula D. Watson
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