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RE: Unresponsive information providers

I have had a similar experience dealing with the vendors we use for ILCSO
electronic resources. In our case, it appears that there has been a fair
amount of turnover in vendor personnel over the past year. That eventually
results in our having to go through a vendor "re-education" process.

Benrie Sloan

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From: Ellen Finnie Duranceau [mailto:efinnie@MIT.EDU]
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 6:28 PM
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Subject: Unresponsive information providers

I am wondering if I am alone in having great difficulties recently getting
information providers to respond to licensing questions, keep a
negotiation moving, and complete the process in a timely manner.  For
virtually all of our major purchases in this fiscal year, I have had to
make innumerable phone calls and send innumerable email messages over
weeks and months trying to get responses to our issues and an executable
contract. These phone calls follow explicit written documentation of our
concerns and questions, so that there is a clear paper trail to pick up
and put down. Despite this paper trail and many calls, in most of these
cases I have still not succeeded in concluding a license agreement.

Is anyone else having this experience? Do information providers have some
insight to share about this lack of responsiveness? Do librarians have
ideas about how to get these deals negotiated and completed in a timely

This problem did not surface for me here at MIT until this year. In
previous years, using similar methods, I was able to get deals closed

Any comments, confirmations, or alternative experiences would be most
welcome! Ellen Duranceau

Ellen Finnie Duranceau
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