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Advice needed please!

Dear All

I have in front of me a license agrreement and I quote:


The Subscriber shall take reasonable steps to restrict and control all use
of the Databases, to enforce the restrictions contained in Article 5 and
to prevent access except to Authorized Users. Without limiting the
foregoing, the Subscriber shall implement an effective authentication
system for Authorized Users and monitor and exercise control over and
certify access to the CHIN Databases. The Subscriber is responsible for
establishing, monitoring and enforcing controls for the proper use of the
CHIN Databases including:

       a. adopting and effectively disseminating policies and procedures
          governing the proper use of CHIN Databases, including appropriate
          sanctions for knowing and willful infringements;

       b. providing instruction to all Authorized Users on the proper use
          of CHIN databases; and

       c. fully investigating and taking appropriate disciplinary action 
	  in cases of knowing and willful infringements.

     The Subscriber hereby grants CHIN the right to audit use of the
     Databases to ensure compliance with this agreement including and
     without limiting the foregoing, the number of simultaneous users able
     to access the Databases.

OK so given that the access is by IP address:

1.Is the usual mean of logging onto the university network by username and 
control over and certifying access to this database??

2. Am I bound to establish special procedures to cover for such monitoring
and enforcement for this database other than those we generally employ eg
making sure we give out username and passwords only to authorised users
(not relevant in this case). Actually where IP address is the means of
access we cannot monitor the individual use of all our databases!!

3.How do I effectively disseminate policies and procedures...

4.What are appropriate sanctions/ appropriate disciplinary action for
infringements?? The license doesn't help here!!

Certainly I don't feel I can sign this agreement as it stands even though
it says that the subscriber shall take reasonable steps. I'm not sure that
what follows is reasonable in our situation.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Ros Doig
Serials and Interlending Librarian
University of Derby
Kedleston Rd
Derby DE22 1GB

Tel.    01332 622222 Ext.1204
Fax.    01332 622767
Email.  M.R.Doig@Derby.ac.uk