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RE: Reed Elsevier Law suit.

This may be referring to the Jurisline lawsuit against Reed Elsevier.  In
a very brief press release on RE's website, RE announces that Matthew
Bender is suing Jurisline.com and then goes on to say...

"In a related lawsuit, Matthew Bender's fellow subsidiary, Reed Elsevier
Inc., has been sued by Jurisline for declaratory relief relating to
copyright and trademarks.  Jurisline has also alleged that Reed Elsevier
Inc. has engaged in anticompetitive behavior and seeks damages and
injunctive relief."


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On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Hamaker, Chuck wrote:

> The Virgin Islands is used as a "port" for US Corporations to avoid us.
> taxes on certain types of sales. McCain (Republican US Presidential
> hopeful) has recently come out strongly against this.
> A story in today's New York Times mentions this:
> ABC's 
> "This Week," Mr. McCain
>           was asked if he supported a recent
>           ruling by the World Trade
>           Organization to eliminate foreign sales
>           corporations, the off-shore
>           subsidiaries that many United States
>           companies set up to channel overseas
>           sales through places like the Virgin
>           Islands. 
>           The United States does not tax sales
>           made by those subsidiaries, nor does
>           it impose duties when they transfer
>           profits to their parent companies.
>           Because of the provision, hundreds of
>           United States companies, including
>           Boeing, Microsoft and General
>           Motors, avoided paying about $4
>           billion in federal taxes last year.
>           Boeing alone saved $130 million in
>           1998. 
> http://www.nytimes.com/library/politics/camp/022800wh-gop-mccain.html
> So--I think our Australian colleagues' comment is right on the mark.
> The Virgin Islands may well harbor some major international companies with
> interests that  conflict with Reed Elsevier's interests. Though it would
> certainly be interesting to know exactly who or what is suing them.
> Anybody know--who can tell us?
> Chuck Hamaker