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Re: Sage titles

For what it's worth, I've conducted a number of successful license
negotiations involving "free" online products.  I always call these
publishers fully expecting that they'll tell me to go pound sand, but that
hasn't happened yet.  I guess in most cases the publishers really do want
folks to use the product (perhaps in order to attract advertisers or build
up a marketable mailing list), and the ones I've dealt with so far have
been willing to make changes in the license where necessary.

Rick Anderson
Head Acquisitions Librarian
Jackson Library
UNC Greensboro
(336) 334-5281


On Tue, 22 Feb 2000 17:02:56 EST Carole Richter 
<Carole.J.Richter.8@nd.edu> wrote:

> Yep...that's another issue also...the license is abyssmal. And because
> they are providing access 'free' with print, there is just no leverage to
> try to get them to provide better access or licensing terms. Maybe this
> needs to be pursued on liblicense? I don't actually remember if there's
> been much Sage discussion there.  C