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RE: Legal signatures ramifications

While I was at Kansas State University, I was starting to negotiate with
vendors so I could make licenses available on the Libraries' web site with
links from the bibliographic record.  This is very useful for also
informing USERS what their rights and responsibilities are.

Mike Somers

Michael A. Somers
OPAC Librarian
UNC Charlotte
J. Murrey Atkins Library

704/547-2232 (fax)

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> Subject:	Re: Legal signatures ramifications
> I have recently begun to download licenses from vendors' web sites, or
> scan paper copies, onto my PC.  Primarily this is for new products that we
> are purchasing, so that I can edit the licenses with any changes required
> by University Legal Counsel.
> However, I also intend to keep the licenses on my PC to make them easier
> to go back to when use restrictions need to be reviewed.  They won't be
> available to anyone else, although I was moving in that direction.  Our
> Public Service Librarians need to be aware of any conditions of use
> specified by the vendor, and I have to communicate the information one way
> or another.
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