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Highwire & library logos for web resources

Re: Vicky Reich's comments.

Thanks for the update on Highwire. It matters not the precise mechanism
that permits libraries to educate users as to who exactly is paying
for/licensing/providing the product they are using on the web. Whether
it's a text string or a gif or some other banner - - getting the library's
name up there at the header of the product and at subsequent title pages
is the key thing. Good for you guys at Highwire!

Like everything else it's only a matter of time if we give a big
collective push before vendors and publishers provide us with this
licensing stamp. Technically it's a snap but the wheels of product
development move slowly. Using Highwire and netLibrary as benchmarks as we
negotiatie with other vendors makes the road forward easier.


On 2 Feb 00, at 18:56, Vicky Reich wrote:

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> For almost 5 years HighWire Press has indicated when displayed content is
> being made available through a library subscription.  On every
> subscription controlled web page, a text string is automatically displayed
> in the top left corner, "Subscriber: Name of Library".  Does this text
> string address the need Peter describes?  Or is a gif logo needed to
> communicate effectively with readers?  Since HighWire Press is part of the
> Stanford University Libraries, we've been sensitive to this issue from the
> beginning!
> Vicky Reich
> Assistant Director HighWire Press
> Stanford University Libraries