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Response to Kennith (Re: Elsevier Web Editions license)

> It is not that publishers do not appreciate how electronic information is
> used. They simply do not want to interrupt the flow of money from the
> library's pocket to their's. As long as we try to find logic in the
> behavior of businessmen and attempt to be 'nice' about this, they will
> always attempt to take advantage of us. It is genetic.

I'm sorry, but I have to respond to this.  What exactly is it that we're
supposed to stop being "nice" about -- the fact that businesses are
"genetically" attracted to cash flow?  Seems to me that it makes no more
sense to criticize publishers for being businesses than it does to
criticize libraries for using taxpayers' hard-earned money.  I'm not
suggesting that we should lie down and accept whatever vendors offer under
whatever terms they offer it (any of you publishers who have dealt with me
on the phone know that I'd never suggest that), but at the same time let's
quit acting like the desire to stay in business makes vendors venal by
definition.  Personally, I wish that Yankee Book Peddler and Academic Book
Center had been a lot more profitable than they were -- then maybe we'd
still have them with us.

Of course, I used to work for a vendor, so I'm probably biased.  But that
doesn't mean I'm wrong.  ;-)

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