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Re: PEAK followup

The data collection and service phase of PEAK ended in August
1999.  In that first 2-year phase, 12 institutions participated
in a field trial of different pricing models for electronic
journals and had access to Michigan's host site for over 1100
Elsevier journals.  Since August, the project team has been
engaged in data analysis.  Papers reporting on early stages of
data analysis are posted on the project site:

As a final element in the effort, the University of Michigan,
Elsevier Science, and the Council on Library and Information
Resources are sponsoring a conference-The Economics and Use of
Digital Collections-- to be held March 23-24 in Ann Arbor.  The
conference will bring together librarians, research scholars, and
publishers.  Further results of PEAK will be presented at the

We are hosting this conference to bring together leading thinkers
and practitioners in the global scholarly publishing community
with an objective is to share recent research on the economics
and usage of digital publications. Although our emphasis is on
scholarly publishing, many of the important ideas and results on
publishing in the digital world may be drawn from, or applicable
to, other types of publishing as well. 

Registration is still open for the conference and we invite
liblicense participants to consider attending or presenting at
this event (although review of submissions is underway, it is
still possible to submit).

Wendy P. Lougee
PEAK Project Director and
Associate Director, University of Michigan University Library

> Alfred Kraemer sends the following inquiry:
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> >From akraemer@mcw.edu Thu Jan 27 10:21:35 2000
> From: "Alfred Kraemer" <akraemer@mcw.edu>
> To: <liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu>
> Subject: What happened to PEAK
> Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 09:19:05 -0600
> I hope I'm not repeating a previously asked question. If so, please let
> me know.
> Does anybody know what happened to the PEAK project at the University of
> Michigan, and where information about the results of this project would be
> available? (I remember the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education
> which highlighted that one of the goals of PEAK would be the evaluation of
> the pricing and delivery model of PEAK.)
> Thank you.
> Alfred Kraemer
> Head, Technical Services
> Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries
> 8701 Watertown Plank Road
> Milwaukee, WI 53226
> Phone: 414-456-4273
> E-Mail: akraemer@mcw.edu

Wendy P. Lougee                                               
Associate Director for Digital Library Initiatives
University Library
University of Michigan               ph:     734-764-8016
818 Hatcher South                    fax:    734-763-5080
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1205            email:  wlougee@umich.edu