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ALPSP model Grant of License--syntax

A brief comment on the intended text of the model as it stands, without
yet getting into the content:  in the paragraph below the colon is used in
a way that usually in English signifies apposition.  Thus the sentence as
it stands says (to me) that the internal education uses, mounting on local
website, basis of own publications, etc. *are* in conflict with the
commercial business interests of the publisher.

If the "as follows" was intended to deal with this, then the construction
is inconsistent, for the listed items are explicit and the "as long as"
phrase becomes redundant and contradictory.

Even if my grammatical interpretations are wrong, I suggest recasting the

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Ann Okerson wrote:

> Sally Morris, Secretary-General of ALPSP, sends the following message:


> You also retain the
> right to use your own article (provided you acknowledge the published
> original in standard bibliographic citation form) as follows, as long as
> you do not sell it [or give it away] in ways which would conflict directly
> with our commercial business interests:  for the internal educational or
> other purposes of your own institution or company;  mounted on your own or
> your institution's website;  [posted to free public servers of preprints
> and/or articles in your subject area];  in whole or in part, as the basis
> for your own further publications or spoken presentations.