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Online article: E-commerce primer for Libraries, Archives & Museums

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The Internet increasingly is becoming a place of commercial activity as
well as an information resource. A new development on the Internet and in
e-commerce is that institutions and organizations traditionally considered
nonprofit are becoming involved in e-commerce. From distributing
documents, to collecting fees for fishing licences, to selling images,
many governments, libraries, archives, museums and others are becoming Web

If you are or may be involved with this developing trend and would find a
primer on e-commerce useful, there is an article that may be of interest
at http://www.copyrightlaws.com/contents/ecommerce.html.

E-commerce - A Primer for Libraries, Archives & Museums, by Lesley Ellen
Harris, explains what e-commerce is and how it is carried out, and
outlines elements of an e-commerce strategy. The article originally
appeared in The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: For Librarians &
Information Professionals. Information about the Newsletter is available
at http://www.copyrightlaws.com/index2.html


Kim Nayyer B.Sc. LL.B
MLIS Student
University of Alberta