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RE: APA Style Guide to Electronic References license question

I do want subscription option 2. Now I just have to tell the authorized
users that they can only print one copy for personal use. I don't have
to track the total number of copies.

Thanks to everyone who replied to me and the listserv.

Betty Kellogg

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We had fun figuring this out too when we bought this. But what 
printing is allowed depends on which license you purchased. Did 
you purchase the Option 1: Hard Copy only? Then you can only 
print the same number of copies as your print, and you bind and 
shelve them with the print. You aren't allowed to store the pdf 
link for others to access. Or did you purchase Option 2: 
Electronic Site License? If so, you are allowed to put the link 
to the pdf on a secure network and your users can print copies 
for their personal use. From the language you cite, I think you 
have Option 1, and you cannot post the link for your users to 

The details are here, and in your license...


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