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Re: Deposit Mandates as part of Publisher Services

Hi Ann,

Thank you for assisting publishers with consolidating this 
information. The Histochemical Society which publishes the 
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry began depositing all 
of our content to PMC in January of 2008. The content will be 
released to the public twelve months after publication. This is 
in line with the Journal's own delayed access release.

The content is automatically released to PMC be HighWire Press, 
our online publishing partner. Authors do not need to submit 
anything to PMC, JHC is submitting the final published version of 
the article. HCS has just concluded our agreement with PMC and as 
yet we are not listed on their site for automatic submissions but 
that will change in the near future.

Kind regards,
Meg McGough