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Re: Good-bye, Long Tail

...now we can all shop at the airport bookstore without having to 
buy a plane ticket!

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 12:50 PM, B.G. Sloan <bgsloan2@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Joe Esposito bsays:
> " WSJ is a subscription site."
> This article is available from other sources, e.g:
> http://tinyurl.com/2r5dua
> Bernie Sloan
> "Joseph J. Esposito" <espositoj@gmail.com> wrote:
> Interesting (and long-awaited) article in the Wall St. Journal 
> on Borders' decision to reduce the number of titles it stocks 
> in favor of giving fewer titles more prominent display. WSJ is 
> a subscription site. The article is dated March 12 and is 
> titled "Borders Tries About-face on Shclves." The byline is 
> Jeffrey Trachtenberg.
>>From the article:
> "In a radical move aimed at jump-starting sales, the nation's 
> second-largest book retailer is sharply increasing the number 
> of titles it displays on shelves with the covers face-out. 
> Because that takes up more room than the traditional spine-out 
> style, the new approach will require a typical Borders 
> superstore to shrink its number of titles by 5% to 10%."
> The article goes on to note that tests show that when inventory 
> is reduced and fewer titles are supported (but more 
> aggressively), sales rise by 9%. Commentators contacted by the 
> reporter note that people "don't want choice" and that Borders' 
> decision will favor larger publishers.
> This is the attention economy at work. What a windfall open
> access is for Elsevier and Springer.
> Joe Esposito