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Re: open access textbooks?

This excerpt from a speech Laura Bush gave at the annual AAP 
meeting in New York on March 5 may have some relevance here:

>I'm proud of our work to educate women and children throughout 
>the continent of Africa, through the President's Africa 
>Education Initiative.  So far, AEI has awarded more than 300,000 
>scholarships in 40 countries.  We've trained more than 600,000 
>teachers, and we've put more than 8 million textbooks and other 
>learning materials in classrooms across the continent.  And 
>these are Africa-centric textbooks that are produced in each of 
>the countries we've worked with, with a partnership with 
>American universities.

Sanford G. Thatcher, Director
Penn State University Press
e-mail: sgt3@psu.edu