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DRIVER Studies


DRIVER, the EC-funded project leading the way as the largest
initiative of its kind in helping to enhance repository
development worldwide, has published a number of important

More specifically, three strategic and coordinated studies have
been conducted on digital repositories and related services by
the SURFfoundation - the Dutch partner in the DRIVER project.
They are aimed at repository managers, content providers,
research institutions and decision makers - all key stakeholders
who are taking an active part in the creation of the digital
repository infrastructure for e-research and e-learning. The
studies were published on the 16th of January 2008 together with
Amsterdam University Press.

Briefly, SURFfoundation and DRIVER produced the three studies comparing of:

1) The 'European Repository Landscape' - a study on different
aspects of the European repository infrastructure. The study
presents a complete inventory of the state of digital
repositories in the 27 countries of the European Union and
provides a basis to contemplate the next steps in driving forward
an interoperable infrastructure at a European level.

2) 'A DRIVER's Guide to Repositories', edited by Kasja Weenink,
Leo Waaijers and Karen van Godtsenhoven - it focuses on five
issues which are essential to the establishment, development or
sustainability of a digital repository.

3) The 'Investigative Study of Standards for Digital Repositories
and Related Services' by Muriel Foulonneau and Francis Andre
(CNRS-ISTI)  - it reviews the current standards, protocols and
applications in the domain of digital repositories.

In addition, the University of Gent, Belgium, carried out a
Usability Study in search for feedback from the research
community.  Respondents from universities in Belgium, France and
the UK participated in a period of testing the DRIVER portal.

The studies are available on line on the DRIVER support website
at http://www.driver-support.eu/en/studies.html

For more information on DRIVER please visit the DRIVER site at