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First DRIVER Summit - Presentations available on line


DRIVER is the EC-funded project leading the way as the largest
initiative of its kind in helping to enhance repository
development worldwide. Its main objective is to build a virtual,
European scale network of existing institutional repositories
using technology that will manage the physically distributed
repositories as one large scale virtual content source. DRIVER
II, a project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the
European Commission, is the continuation of the DRIVER project.
Whereas DRIVER concentrated its efforts on infrastructure
building for scholarly content repositories, DRIVER-II will
extend the geographical coverage step-by-step and will move from
a test-bed to a production-quality infrastructure. This
infrastructure will produce further innovative services meeting
special demands that will be built on top. The infrastructure is
complemented with several user services including search, data
collection, profiling, and recommendations by the end user. For
further information please visit www.driver-community.eu

On 16 and 17 January 2008, DRIVER II successfully carried out its
first Summit in Goettingen, Germany. It is considered a successful
milestone on the way to building a professional, active
repository community.

The first day focused on the current repository community in
Europe and globally, the results of the DRIVER studies and a
discussion of Open Access and repository infrastructures.

The morning of the second day focused on disciplinary
repositories and their relationship to institutional
repositories. The latter part of the day focussed on national and
international repository networks with representatives from a
number of networks speaking.

The presentations are now available on line for those interested
in learning more about DRIVER and the topics discussed at the
Summit and can be found on the DRIVER Support website at