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RE: One million books scanned at U of Michigan

Hi Jan,

The records for the University of Michigan books that have been 
digitized, either by Google or in-house, are in MIRLYN, our OPAC. 
Additionally, our commitment to working with OCLC to share the 
records has been widely publicized.  There have been delays in 
moving that process forward, but not on our part. We have set up 
processes that OCLC has tested and we have made all of our data 
available to OCLC. We have also made brief records for the public 
domain materials available through OAIster and other means, and 
we've heard about several institutions incorporating those 
records into their discovery mechanisms (e.g. Primo, Aquabrowser 
and, perhaps, even OPACs)

Kathleen M. Folger, Electronic Resources Officer
University of Michigan University Library
312 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1205
V:  (734) 764-9375
F:  (734) 764-0259


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This is impressive:

"The project will create new ways for users to search and access 
Library content, opening up our library collections to our own 
users and to users throughout the world"

"Users throughout the world"? Yes, if You allow me to import the 
one milion marc-records!

If Michigan at least could have made them visible through a 
catalogue instead of celebrating something that Google fullfills!

"Google Book Search will help you find books digitized in the 
Michigan Digitization Project (MBooks) and Google's partnerships 
with other libraries around the world"

Where are the marc-records to be found?

A heap of books is not a library. A library is created when You 
have a catalogue. That is a milestone.

Jan Szczepanski

B.G. Sloan wrote:

> "Librarians at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor threw
> themselves a party on Friday to celebrate a milestone in their
> ambitious effort to scan every single book in the collection.
> They scanned the one millionth book, leaving just 6.5-million
> to go."
> http://chronicle.com/wiredcampus/article/2717/
> Bernie Sloan