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World Scientific to provide ejournal contents to Brazil

**Apologies for Cross posting**

WORLD SCIENTIFIC to provide ejournal contents to Brazil

World Scientific has announced a new consortia agreement in 
Brazil for 2008. World Scientific ejournal contents will now be 
available to 152 institutions in Brazil.

World Scientific and Imperial College Press journals package to 
Brazil includes nearly 100 journals covering a diverse area of 
subjects. Users from member institutions will be able to access 
nearly 40,000 articles published from 2001 to the latest issues 
in 2008. Subject areas covered by the journals include basic 
sciences, like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc to new and 
exciting fields like Nanoscience and Life Sciences.

World Scientific also have current consortia deals in countries 
like China, Korea, Russia , Taiwan, Ireland, Iran, Australia, New 
Zealand and Malaysia.

World Scientific and Imperial College Press journals are 
available on Worldscinet.com which is the electronic resource 
platform for World Scientific Publishing. World scientific 
ebooks, eproceedings, as well as journal archives (1973-2000) are 
also hosted on Worldscinet.com

About World Scientific Publishing

World Scientific Publishing Company is a leading independent STM 

Among the company's notable successes was its being awarded the 
exclusive rights in 1991 by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm to 
publish (in English) the entire series of Nobel lectures from 
1971 to 1990 and to distribute them worldwide. Subsequently, 
World Scientific again obtained the rights to publish the 
complete series of Nobel lectures delivered from 1901 to 2000.

Annually, World Scientific publishes 400 titles a year and 111 
journals in various fields.

In 1995, World Scientific co-founded the London-based Imperial 
College Press with London University's Imperial College. The 
Press publishes mainly in the fields in which Imperial College 
itself is particularly well-known, such as Engineering, Medicine, 
Information Technology, Environmental Technology, and Management 
Sciences. Imperial College Press has published about 500 books 
and 8 journals to date.