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Taylor & Francis Group and Haworth Press

Taylor & Francis Group and Haworth Press
Abingdon, 19 December 2007

Taylor & Francis Group is delighted to welcome Haworth Press 
journals and books to its publishing portfolio following the 
acquisition of Haworth Press on September 14th, 2007.

Haworth Press' list of social, behavioral and environmental 
science titles are an excellent complement to the existing 
strengths of Routledge and Taylor & Francis in these areas. Our 
editorial team is very much looking forward to the continued 
development of the Haworth journal titles in these fields. Titles 
focussing on medicine will become part of the journal portfolio 
of our sister company, Informa Healthcare.*

The Haworth list boasts a range of well-regarded library science 
journal titles. These will be merged with the Routledge imprint, 
and will continue to be nurtured as key resources for the 
information science community.

The Haworth list is also particularly strong in the areas of 
social work and LBGT studies. Highlights of the list include 
Homosexual Studies, Journal of Social Service Research, and 
Social Work in Health Care.

Our electronic platform, informaworld, will allow these titles to 
thrive in an online environment. Haworth's Publisher & 
Editor-in-Chief, Bill Cohen, commented on the acquisition: "...in 
order to grow, Haworth needed a consistently creative internet 
platform that could compete successfully with other platforms of 
major houses. informaworld at Taylor & Francis was most 
attractive in this sense. It is a resplendent hosting service, 
interweaving core journals along with eBooks, abstract databases, 
and reference works of historic importance. The stability of a 
prodigious international publishing house also adds an important 
dimension in regard to digital permanency."

View a full list of Haworth Press journal titles at: 

Transferring your subscriptions

We plan to transfer Haworth Press journal titles during the 
course of 2008, and will update subscribers throughout this 
process. Below is our plan for the transfer:

Renewals: 2008 renewals were distributed by Haworth Press. 
Existing customers will be able to resubscribe to Haworth sales 
models which will remain the same through 2008.Taylor & Francis 
Group will administer 2009 renewals.

Customer Service will be available via Haworth Press until March 
2008. See www.haworthpress.com/contact/default.asp for contact 
details. After this point, Customer Service will be available 
from Taylor & Francis Group. See 
www.tandf.co.uk/journals/contact.asp for your local Customer 
Service contact.

Electronic Access will continue at the Haworth Press website 
www.haworthpress.com throughout 2008. Taylor & Francis Group will 
migrate these titles to informaworld during the course of 2008. 
>From 2009, the informaworld platform will host the Haworth Press 

About Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group is a leading international academic 
publisher, specialising in journals, books, encyclopedia and 
abstract databases to distribute quality information and 

Contact details:

Jennifer McMillan, Library Marketing Manager, Taylor & Francis 
Group, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon OX14 4RN 

*Please contact Kevin.Steiner@informausa.com for further details 
on the transfer of Haworth Press titles to Informa Healthcare.