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Sponsored Articles In Elsevier Journals

Please excuse any duplication.

>From May onwards some Elsevier journals will be offering to their 
authors the option to pay a sponsorship fee to ensure that their 
article, already accepted for publication, is made freely 
available to non-subscribers via ScienceDirect.

Worldwide approximately 10 million researchers can already access 
these journals through institutional subscriptions. In a few 
instances, authors publishing in these journals have requested an 
option to make their articles freely available online to 

Six journals in Physics are the first to offer such an option. 
These are:

Nuclear Physics A
Nuclear Physics B
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements
Nuclear Instruments and Methods A
Physics Letters B
Astroparticle Physics

Thirty more journals across other fields such as Life and Health 
sciences also plan to offer this option in the next two months.

The author charge for article sponsorship is $3,000.  The fee 
excludes taxes and other potential author fees such as color 
charges which are additional. Information about selecting this 
option is now available on the journal homepages at 
www.elsevier.com as well as Elsevier's author gateway site, 
authors.elsevier.com.  The availability of this option will be 
offered to authors of the above-mentioned journals only after 
receiving notification that their article has been accepted for 
publication.  This prevents a potential conflict of interest 
where a journal would have a financial incentive to accept an 

Please feel free to contact either of us or your Elsevier 
representative with any questions.

Tony McSean, Daviess Menefee

Library Relations