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ERPANET Announces ErpaEPRINTS at IFLA2003 Berlin

Of possible interest.

----- Forwarded message from British Editor 
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 10:06:23 +0100
From: British Editor <british.editor@ERPANET.ORG>
Subject: ERPANET Announces ErpaEPRINTS at IFLA2003 Berlin
ERPANET Announces ErpaEPRINTS at IFLA2003 Berlin

In their 1999 report on Digital Archaeology: Rescuing Neglected and 
Damaged Data Resources Ross and Gow used 199 online references.

Today, only 32% of these resources remain accessible.  This lack of
persistence remains a continuing cause for concern.  ERPANET, in 
collaboration with Project Daedalus, announced on Wednesday 6 August at
IFLA 2003 (Berlin) an ePrints Service for the Digital Preservation 
sphere to provide a platform to address this problem.  ErpaEPRINTS 
allows authors and creators to make their works available at a central 
access point.  The service can be found at http://eprints.erpanet.org

Key to ERPANET�s rationale is the focus on the dissemination of 
knowledge.  To date, workshops and seminars, conferences, case studies, 
and an online advisory service have all contributed to widening and 
expanding the knowledge-base in the this sphere. Now ePrints, with it�s 
sister product erpaAssessments, is offering further support and 
knowledge to the community. ErpaAssessments was launched in late 2002, 
and provides high quality commentaries on key literature and projects 
in digital preservation. Now with the addition of erpaEPrints, ERPANET 
is offering not only value added commentaries of literature, but 
helping to make accessible and preserve the cutting edge primary 
literature. This service is free of charge to authors and users.

At the outset of its project ERPANET established a long term 
preservation strategy to ensure documents created by or accumulated by
the project would be available in the future.  Materials deposited in 
the ErpaEPRINTS Archive will benefit from these arrangements.

Seamus Ross, Principal Director of ERPANET, reported �ERPANET is 
extremely grateful to the DAEDALUS project for enabling us to
produce a new service that provides the digital preservation community 
with the opportunity to build a digital library of eprints
and ensure their long term accessibility.�

ERPANET (Electronic Resource Preservation and Network) (IST-2001-32706) 
is a Fifth Framework European Union Funded activity to enhance the 
preservation of cultural heritage and scientific digital objects. It is 
making viable and visible information, best practice, and skills 
development in the area of digital preservation of cultural heritage 
and scientific objects.  ERPANET partners include Schweizerisches 
Bundesarchiv, ISTBAL at the Universit� di Urbino, Nationaal Archief 
Nederland, Den Haag, and HATII, at the University of Glasgow.  For more 
information about ERPANET events and services see http://www.erpanet.org

DAEDALUS is a three year (2002-2005) JISC funded project under the FAIR
programme to build a range of freely accessible institutional 
repositories at the University of Glasgow.  These repositories include 
published and peer-reviewed papers, working papers, grey literature, 
and theses. For more information about the DAEDALUS Project see 


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