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Re: Corporate site licenses

See the model licence for pharmaceutical companies agreed between STM and
PDR - you will find it on the ALPSP website at

There is also a 'corporate' version at licensingmodels.com

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> This inquiry comes from Mary Waltham (mary@marywaltham.com) who has asked
> that it be posted to liblicense-l.  Many thanks, the Moderators
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> April 29, 2002
> Please can anyone reading this site help me to track down some sound
> information on the current licensing models and terms used by journal
> publishers in setting up site licenses with corporations?
> I would really appreciate some signposts to key papers or sources of good
> (or poor) models from individuals with experience in this area.
> I note that for many corporations these 'enterprise-wide' licenses are
> worldwide and may involve integration of content with proprietary
> information on the company intranet. I wonder how fees are set in relation
> to these additional features?
> Thank you,
> Mary Waltham
> http://www.MaryWaltham.com
> Tel:609.430.0897