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RE: Interlibrary loan vs. document delivery

Because our University (of Southern Queensland, Australia) has external
students enrolments over 70% of the total enrolments, the Library has
always provided FREE photocopies of print journals or prints from
electronic databases as some students do not have equipment or facility to
do themselves.

It's my understanding that the services provided to our own institution's
authorised users are not classified as conventional document delivery or
inter Library loans practices.

Further, the publishers eg EBSCO allows to include F/T journal articles
into study materials for external students use.

Taisoo Kim Watson
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Subject: Interlibrary loan vs. document delivery

In a license which specifies that interlibrary loan or document delivery
is not allowed and where document delivery is not defined, where does
photocopy service come into play?  If a person is an authorized user under
an institutional license agreement and for some reason wants the library
to provide a copy of an item for them, and the library charges for the
service, would this be considered document delivery and thus not allowed
under the license?  They could print it on their own, but for some reason
don't have time, or whatever, and ask the library to provide it to them.
I know that I could go to the licensor and asked them what they meant by
document delivery, but I'd like to know how libraries are applying the

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